Since the completion of the shipping container project and Sue's subsequent visit to Fiwagoh, we have established a registered charity in Queensland Australia to accept donations on behalf of the orphanage, to help fund some very important projects. All money contributed will be sent directly to the orphanage for specific projects or spent on much needed items to be shipped there.This charity operates without administraton fees or overheads.
The current priorities are as follows:

Current Projects
  1. Tanks, greenhouses, water pump and irrigation system to assist with the development of the garden. The goal of the orphanage is to be as self-sustaining as possible with regard to growing food. $27500 sent in total. PROJECT NOW APPROACHING COMPLETION Dec 2011
  2. Assist with set-up of in-house clinic by sending first aid and medical supplies. $6000 WORTH OF FIRST AID SUPPLIES NOW IN A SHIPPING CONTAINER ON THEIR WAY TO FIWAGOH. Dec 2011
  3. Establish a trade school to assist the older children prepare for life in employment within, or outside the orphanage.  Total cost approximately $70000. $2500 SENT LATE 2011 ENABLING CONSTRUCTION TO COMMENCE JAN 2012.
  4. Fund the purchase of a new or second hand van to replace the very old and unreliable van that is currently used to run essential errands and move the children when necessary. $4000 SENT TO ENABLE ESSENTIAL REPAIRS TO OLD VEHICLE WHILE WE FOCUS ON OTHER PROJECTS.
  5. Purchase additional land to enable the expansion of the garden. $4500 sent and 1 acre purchased. There is another 1 acre block Benson hopes to acquire to house staff. THIS LAND PURCHASED BY FUNDS RAISED BY BETTER LIFE MISSION (Switzerland). Remaining block not for sale at present.