Monday, 12 December 2011


This story has touched my heart. It comes from Lena from Switzerland who is one of Fiwagoh's most faithful supporters and a regular visitor to the orphanage. It makes me reflect on my own children and how freely ... and spontaneously ... and infectiously they smile.

Lena and the Smilers!
"I would also like to mention that I often see children with a smile when I meet them the second time. When they come to the orphanage they are hardly able to smile because of the circumstances in their lives that have weighed them down. Elizabeth is just one example. I noticed how she was smiling this time. In October 2010 I had not received one single smile from her. She explained to me that before she had no reason to smile. Hannah Muthoni also is a wonder when it comes to smiling. She had come to the orphanage before my first visit in the beginning of 2009. Many times I had tried to get her to smile. But it was impossible. But this time she approached me with a big smile. It had taken her several years until she learned to smile. Most children are learning it within half a year."
Lena Clerk - Volunteer 

What an incredible story! Imagine if one of the key performance measures for our work was our ability to generate smiles!

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