Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Hillbrook Anglican School Embraces Fiwagoh

Hillbrook is a wonderful school on Brisbane's northside. In year 11 all students are required to select a community project and volunteer for 20 hours. In 2010 my son, Brandon chose to help out with the container project. He then shared with his friends about the wonderful work of Fiwagoh and so this year his class, with the support of their home teacher Ben Behan, organised a movie night and raised $1000. What a phenomenal effort!
This money has been sent to Benson along with other generous donations  totalling $2500 enabling the commencement of the construction of the much needed trade school building....and caused an awful lot of excitement.
By law the children have to leave the orphanage at the completion of their secondary school studies unless Fiwagoh can offer further education. The current school building has very limited space so Benson and Florence are desperate to provide a trade school in a new building so that they can continue to support the children and further prepare them for future employment. During Sue's visit the older children were pleading with her to help them find a way to stay longer!
So you can imagine our delight, when we visited Hillbrook recently to say thankyou to 12 Green only to find out that the entire year 12 group had banded together to donate a further $900 to the construction of the trade school!
Thank you so much to The Year 12 Class of 2011! You have made such a difference to this project and your contributions have given us confidence that this is going to happen!

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