Tuesday, 14 June 2011

New Projects

As the garden project has become a reality, we have now identified the next two priorities that we want to focus on.
One is to replace a very old and decrepit van that is used to collect food and run essential errands into town and move the children when necessary. Due to it’s many problems, each outing is marred by repeated breakdowns!  For example a two hour trip to Nairobi takes all day. If it weren't for their ingenuity in making repairs (using 'pantihose and coathangers'), there would be no vehicle!! A new or good quality second hand vehicle would change their lives!
The other project is to construct another building to house a trade school, further educating the older students for life after Fiwagoh. At the time of Sue's visit in January a lot of tools and other donated items were yet to be put into use as there is not enough space in the current buildings to enable an effective learning space/workshop to be set up. The older children were expressing their concerns to Sue during her visit as they are approaching the age where they will have to leave Fiwagoh and they desperately need skills to be able to support themselves.

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